Monday, 2 April 2018

Guest Lecture — Measurement And Digital Marketing By Nielsen, Mr. Vishal Kamath, Director-Digital, Marketing Effectiveness In VGSoM

The Vinod Gupta School of Management had the chance of hosting Mr. Vishal Kamath Director-Digital, Marketing Effectiveness in Nielsen below its Guest Lecture Series, Vaarta. Mr. Kamath has over 10 years of business experience and is highly proficient in the discipline of Digital advertising, Business Development, PNL direction to list a couple.

Mr. Kamath began the lecture by establishing digital marketing and saying its importance in the present world. He also shed light on the how electronic content is becoming more popular compared to linear TV which eventually advertising digitally will become more expensive and hunted for than conventional mediums. Mr. Kamath talked about a study that said that the time spent on Live TV is falling but also the time available to get a marketer to reach out for its prospective customer has gone up by 18 percent that obviously shows that world is now going digital at a really fast rate and classic advertising techniques such as Printing and TV would shortly become obsolete.

To provide a clearer idea about the rate of expansion of the electronic world, Mr.Kamath gave the illustration of Angry Birds and said that it required angry birds just 35 days to reach 50 million users whereas it took years to get radio, television, and background to accomplish exactly the exact same milestone. Be it video streaming or online shopping, customers have begun spending a great deal of time online. In India, the major reason behind this growth is Jio that was accountable for making information available to everyone and raising the online penetration in India.

Mr. Kamath then proceeded to discuss the various elements of electronic marketing such as search engine optimization (SEM), social media marketing, mobile marketing and affiliate marketing. He explained in detail the importance of all them and the key metrics such as Impressions, CTR, Conversion and the like that are used to analyze the effectiveness and range of digital advertisements. The various pricing approaches, ways of targeting electronic advertisements and the details of this AdTech ecosystem were also discussed at the lecture. Post that, Mr. Kamath shared the Measurement instruments and techniques such as A/B Testing, Passive Measurement that are used to measure the efficiency of the advertisements. The 3R framework for advertising which consists of Reach, Resonance, and Reaction was touched upon by Mr. Kamath in the semester.

It was a highly interactive session along with the lecture was followed by questions from the students and various topics like Ad Frauds, Brand Safety, strategies to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing and Nielsen’s role in bolstering SMEs were brought up by the students. The session was very interesting and enriching and will surely assist the budding managers to stick out in the corporate sphere. We anticipate getting more of these connections.

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