Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Living with Art — Refashioning a Fish Mold

Do you enjoy fun details?   Here’s one from the vault: I do not eat fish.   Alright, that wasn’t fun in any way, especially since I might have told you I once co-starred in an amateur pornographic movie with Tom Brokaw.   I might have stated it, although I mean, that’s not true.     What we talked about?   Fish?  I can totally see why Tom Brokaw was brought up by you, you lewd changer that is issue.

Anyhow, I picked this up fish mould at Goodwill seven or six years ago (lewdly, as one will), and roughly a few months ago, during a fit of cleaning, my husband begged me to get rid of it.

“You can not possibly make this thing trendy,” my husband explained. I believe that he was tired. I believe EYE was double dog type.


After another very long week, then I stayed up till 6:30 this afternoon painting the bass to highlight the trendy sculptural information.   Here’s what it looked like when I left to get breakfast with my mother at 9:30, rocking the hair that is great that is excellent after 3 hours.

In the nighttime, I also made this sign

I planned this project before Prince died, which explains the reason why I was listening to Prince and quoting Nirvana (“it’s OK to eat fish ’cause they do not have any feelings”).

It was too large, although additionally, I made this hint.

I blasphemed real coins AND coins from our local equivalent of Chuck E. Cheese in this one.   Woo me.

After putting some nails I added the border and coins.   And there it is:  My tribute to Tom Brokaw, Nirvana, fish molds, pescatarians, or a number of the above.

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